River, Spring, Rain and Well Water

Powered With Nature really focuses on showing others that they can live a all-natural lifestyle with ease. We share our experiences with water, as simple as it sounds and how we have gotten the opportunity to taste all types of water. When people think of water, they think of simply going to the faucet, turning it on and watching what flows. Or better yet, they think of going to the store and buying fancy, overpriced, bottled Fuji water (no offense to the brand Fuji) and many other brands, full of poison. Society does not think of water as being ALVE. As a living element. As a natural resource that has been tampered with and exploited in the worst ways. Once you put water through a chemical system and then store it in a plastic bottle, sitting on shelves under fluorescent lights, the life-force of the water has been killed. It is now “dead” water.

Very rarely will individuals mention spring water that you can find at a natural spring site near you. This alone, has been exploited by the companies as bottle water brands often promise that their water is “straight from the streams,” so they label water as being “spring water.” I am here to tell you that you can have access to fresh spring water without going through the middle man. Especially if you are more in the mountains and forest land. Springs are everywhere, as water flows from the tops of mountains and through the forest tress. You are able to take empty jugs and fill them up at these spring sites. Capturing an abundance of minerals and nutrients that can not be imitated in it’s most natural form.

When one thinks of rivers, they are thought of as being “contaminated,” as many that we see in our cities, are flowing underneath the bridge that lots of traffic crosses over on a daily basis. Not to mention the carelessness of people tossing out their hamburger wrappers and soda cans as if the river is a dumping ground for the crap. Yes, I will say that most rivers we see flowing through our city is not the most ideal site to collect and drink water from. If you are more in a country area than you have a better chance of enjoying the delicious mineral rich water that Mother Earth provides, with simply filtering out any large particles.


And there is rain water. Much controversy has surrounded rain water as many states have actually banned the act of collecting rain water in barrels. They have also restricted setting up water systems to homes that operate off the use of rain water. Why you ask?! Well it is quite simple. Corporate America. There is no profit to made from the people if they are relying on natural resources. If the people are becoming more self-sufficient there will be no money to be made. And the corporation is all about MONEY. Even making it off of a simple resource that falls freely from the sky and is present in almost 70% of the entire planet, herself. For us, we have simply set out buckets, in a more discreet way and collected water. It is a great feeling after a heavy rain, to have a bucket full of rain water.

Our experience with drinking natural water has been an AMAZING one. I dread having to resort to buying a bottle water as I now can clearly taste the added chemicals, mercury and metals all floating inside. Not to mention most bottled water has a ingredient list. Brands like Dasani in particular, the ingredients include salt and sodium chloride. Why? Why are these additives needed in such a natural resource like water? Why then are these types of products heavily marketed and highly received by the public? Most do not even think to flip the bottle over and read ingredients. It’s just water. Why would there be anything else in it?


If you are even lucky enough to live on a property with well water (water that is pumped from underneath the ground), keep your fresh water as this is another water source that is naturally provided. Do not add a filtration system as they include chlorine being added to the well water.

If I had to choose between rain, spring, river or well water, I honestly could not do it. They all are so good. Spring water may be the clearest, freshest tasting water of them all. As it requires less basic filtering. (When I speak of filtering, meaning only straining the big particles out of the water. NO added chemicals. Spring water is flowing among the rocks so that is it’s natural filtration system.) The fulfilling feel the body has of satisfaction upon drinking fresh water is amazing. Fresh water will literally make you say “Ah!”



(Cover Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash )

9 thoughts on “River, Spring, Rain and Well Water

  1. These pictures are so beautiful! My step dad deals with water professionally and he always says that the plastic bottled water is definitely not superior in any way to natural water.

  2. I just don’t understand why some places outlaw collecting rain water. I mean, it comes from the sky!! You can’t own that.

  3. I love this! I’ve always heard that Dasani can cause Kidney stones because of those extra additives….I try to stay far away from that stuff!

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