Adventures Of A Plant-Based Goddess

Photo By John Lamberth of Pexel

Going from being a full-blown meat eater to now consuming zero animal products and no by-products. No animal meats. No eggs. No milk. No dairy. No honey. Has indeed been a journey. Transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle has excited me. And inspired me to share with the world.

There was once a time when I always felt inside that I was not meant to consume animal flesh. It never seemed right to me. As I seen that the animals were just living sentient beeings that were my friends to love and play with. This I how I seen it as a young child.

Yet, against my own way of choosing, I blindly followed my mother and grandmother’s word, ate the food that I was served, without going against it. As I thought what they were cooking tasted so “good” at the time. And that I was to do what I was told to do as a young child.

As I grew, and mentally got older, I knew there was some work which I needed to put in to get mySelf to the place where I truly desired to bee. To live like the Goddess on Earth which I knew I truly was. A Goddess who lives life in luxury, relaxed and unbothered, with a strong man by my side. Eating only the best food that Mother Earth has to offer me. Living in a beautyfull natural setting, far away from the chaos of society.


Today.  I AM able to make my own decisions. My own choices. And now I choose to only eat live foods, that grows from the Earth. Foods from the garden. Fruits from the trees. And natural flowing water that is meant for my living body.

I’ve discovered that many of the meats and dishes that I once use to eat, was not even necessary. That many dishes can be created using simply fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and legumes. I’ve now been able to create and continue to discover new options on a daily basis, which blows my mind.

Peanut butter ice cream made from frozen bananas. Chocolate brownies made from sweet potatoes. Alfredo sauce made out of cashews. Fried cauliflower. Smothered eggplant. Black bean patties. Veggie links. Veggie spaghetti. Oh the endless possibilities.

Just a sample of fire-made smothered potatoes with non-dairy cheese

Never before has my temple felt more alive. My health is in superb condition. Never a stomach nor body ache. No sickness. None of that. Best of all, I feel great. Animals come up to us and play. By consuming that only of nature, I have become one with Nature.

I share more about my plant-based lifestyle and travels over on Powered With Nature

To make this journey even more exciting, we are doing all of this while off-grid! As the journey unfolds, we share more and more. Can’t wait to share what is happening NEXT!!



(Cover Photo by Trang Doan of Pexel )

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