Make Resolutions Everyday!

2020 is upon us. We are entering into a brand new decade. And with the New Year comes the age old tradition of setting resolutions for the New Year.

Photo By Ian Schneider of Unsplash

January 1, we make a list, check it twice, with all these outrageous goals that we desire to reach and change in our life that for one reason or another, we were unable to do so in time passed.

The New Year energy makes us hopeful. Optimistic. Invincible. Many even get the inner power and walk around with the attitude of “new year, new me!”

Most resolutions look something like this: Lose 30 pounds. Save more money. Eat more vegetables. Start going to cycling 3 times a week. Register at the new gym. Buy less Starbucks. Start making 10k a week in the home business.

New Years resolutions are good and all, yet often times they are unrealistic. There are many reasons why this is so.

First, most people set so many goals to make at one time. They want to go to the gym 3 times a week, cut back on all the cakes and candy, switch to eating only vegan and visit their grandparents every single week. When in reality, they are doing none of this currently. So the odds that all of a sudden they will begin to do so, now, are slim to none.

It takes 21 days of consistency to break a old habit. And 90 days to make a new habit stick.

To make New Years resolutions more realistic and more do-able, one must consider setting goals every day. Every week. And every month. It is good to tap into that “new year, new me” energy, but as the days go by and February begins to roll in, do not forget what you started and fall back into old ways of doing things.

Make short list to begin with. Start by stopping doing something first. Since it takes less time to break a habit. Once the habit is broke, then you can easily transition into picking up a new habit in it’s place.



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