Off-Grid Supplies (To Start With)

For anyone looking to start their own off-grid journey, I thought to create a short supply list that will spark some ideas on what necessities would be great to start off with. I have to talk first about the importance of having a solar power source. The purpose of living off-grid is to disconnect from the internal city “grid.” Meaning you are no longer depending upon the electrical system, as well as the established water ways. You are taking on the challenge of finding and providing these resources on your own.

With that being said, there is one element that is always available to us: the sun. With solar power, we are able to harness this energy at any given time, making solar energy a very valuable resource for anyone choosing to live off-grid. So how does one do this?


Well the process of harnessing the sun’s energy in its entirety is a little too much to include in this particular post, so I would advise you begin to educate and research what solar power is, how to harness the energy of the sun and all that comes with that. Education is key; it will help you on your journey and open new doors into your reality.

Solar Generator

solar generator

Your generator is the core for using solar power.  Again this is just an idea for a beginner to start off with. As you move alone in your journey, you will upgrade and add more in accordance to your needs. The more power that you need to use, the more demand there will be for a larger generator. With this particular model you will be able to charge your basic items, such as a laptop and phone.

Solar Panels

solar panels

In order to power you solar generator, you will need solar panels. They are the components that actually gather the energy from the sun and feeds the generator which stores energy into your battery bank.

Once you have established your solar power system, you can then look to get the items that you will be using off-grid. A great item to have on hand is a solar powered cooler in which you are able to keep food cold and fresh.

Solar Powered Cooler

Solar Cooler

Remember, this is only a starting point. As you go alone your journey, you will figure out more and find new ways to do things. Depending on your goals and what it is that you are looking for, you will be able to make adjustments as needed.

Be sure to check out Powered With Nature in which we talk all things off-grid.


(Cover Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash )

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