March 26, 2016 (Gregorian calendar)


The future of is certainly bright. This particular site has grown so exponentially, that it requires a separate entity, in itself, just to capture all the beauty that comes from LiveMeals!

By now, we are all familiar with eating clean, alkaline based and fresh. The time has come to take this, many, many steps forward! will entail all things related to a clean lifestyle. Recipes for everyday cooking which does not require long trips to distant specialty stores. Ideas. Testimonies. Shopping lists and kitchen tool check lists. Even the opportunity to join the LiveMeals community and receive informative emails, daily recipes for last minute meals, and enrollment into the home delivery program where LiveMeals brings your needs to your doorstep!

For now, eye will begin to build the LiveMeals collection and share some of the types of meals which I wish to share.